Social Media Master Class

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Wanna grow over 20,000 followers in a year? Join this exclusive class hosted by Denisha in order to better aid you in growing your social media presence! This class is a series of informational videos covering the topics of:

Instagram growth, Facebook growth, Tiktok growth, Growing engagement, Gaining active followers, Branding yourself, Obtaining brand deals AND Making money. 

Want to learn how to make reels? Lost on what type of hashtags to generate? Need help on finding your target audience? Don’t know how to make a media kit or lost on what you should charge for your content?  

Sign up for our 1 on 1 master class. 

Purchase of the masterclass also includes: Denisha’s E-Book: How to Grow your Brand on Social Media Following & How to Make Money on Social Media.

Once you’ve registered email me at with your name, proof of payment, and 

We will schedule a 1 on 1 course either, FaceTime or Zoom, to get you started making THOUSANDS from your business and getting paid from social media.