About Us

Literally Twinning Kids Kouture is a family boutique that was inspired by myself, a mom of 2 sets of twins born in 1 year with all girls. Growing up in the small town of Lutcher, La, it was hard finding matching clothes for 4 babies under 1 that all wore the same size clothing and shoes so I decided to do something about it. By combining my passion for shopping and fashion visual merchandising, I established an online boutique to make shopping easier for parents like myself. By staying true to my core audience "Parents of Twins and Multiples", the main goal of Literally Twinning LLC is to provide parents with a wide range of clothing at affordable prices so that matching outfits are made easier for your family.

We are serving the millennial girl and boy with all they need to be inspired, feel like an icon, and keep their looks on point on all occasions bringing you the champagne lifestyle with a lemonade budget.