Becoming an Influencer Grow Your Brand on Social Media

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I heard you want be an influencer or you’re having trouble getting sells from your business. Well luckily for you, I put together this Ebook teaching people how to do exactly what I do. 

11 months ago I quit my full time job as a General Manager at sonic making over 60k a year. I opened my own business Literally Twinning Kids Kouture and started taking becoming and influencer seriously. Within 3 months of posting consistently my video reached over 1 million views on Instagram, the next month another video reached 2.6 million videos, fast forward to 6 months after a video I created on tik tok reached a whopping 22 million views. I went from having 5,000 followers on Instagram to 14,100 on Instagram and 24,200 on tik tok in 5 days. I launched Luxe Room Decor by Denisha in February and gained almost 1,000 followers and it’s only March. Just recently my Children’s clothing business had gone viral on Tik Tok and Instagram and I’ve made a total of $10,000 in 24 hours.

I have been noticed by big brand as such as Fashion Nova, Boohoo, and  Malibu alcohol. I have collaborated with and have gotten paid brand deals with Cozy Earth, Blue Runner, Brigit Money App, and many more. I also been noticed by and conversed with celebrities such as Coi Leray, Fredo Bang, and currently being featured on Muni Long’s Instagram and Tik Tok. (My videos are still on her page) Now I’m currently on the pay roll for Facebook, Instagram, & Tik Tok where I can make a total of $100,000 + EVERY MONTH by doing what you already do everyday and you can too by purchasing my ebook. Here I will have all of the steps to becoming and influencer and business owners can use these steps to gain paying customers.

Can you imagine having more than 50 million views on your social media pages in only 6 months being consistent? 

Tired of spending hours of creating content and getting 5 views?

Tired of wonder what your “ Niche “ is ?

Tired of putting in that hard work in your business and content getting NO WHERE???  

Don’t know how to make tik tok video or reels that will go viral ?

Ha I’ve been there before. 

Invest in yourself and purchase my downloadable ebook. 

I can teach you how to get paid by doing what you do everyday ! Influencers and business owners can make up to 6 figures a month ! 

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